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Lady Edith

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- 1910s-20s silk blouse

One of the best pieces I've had in the shop. She is absolutely stunning in any light, the pictures don't do it justice for sure. She is of an ivory tone silk with embroidery throughout. The collar alone is a work of art, as are the cuffs on the sleeves with crocheted buttons if you please. The micro pleating on the shoulders down the back are another superb detail on the blouse. Could very well fit into the Downton Abbey-esque wardrobe. She has a couple faint spots and 2-3 pinholes (see extreme close-up photos) that are literally too small to fix, as I suspect some bigger ones were fixed with embroidery. The photos are not filtered so you can see that the very slight flaws are not noticeable. She was restored to her original beauty and is quite wearable.
B35-38 (mannequin is 36)
Truly beautiful antique piece of history.



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