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- the Lindsay batik dress Custom made of navy blue and white batik print cotton. Very light, unlined, draped with an open back. Very cool for the summer but makes quite an entrance. No zipper or buttons, just slip into it and flip the cape over your head. The lower back has large flat pleat for a nice draping train effect as the back is much longer than the front. There are dart pleats on either side of the waist for a better silhouette. The bateau neck only accentuates the beautiful cape attached. This dress is a cross between 1930s silver screen bombshell and Egyptian queen superhero. Oh so very sexy and full of movement. For those who aren't familiar with batik print, it is a process that makes unique patterns and thus resulting in an uneven print, this is perfectly normal and the desired effect. This piece is entirely hand finished on the inside, as couture fabrication dictates. Get ready for jaws to drop...

Only one made, absolutely unique!

Approximate size L

(Mannequin is too small, it'll drape much better on a curvier woman)




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