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Winds of change

Winds of change

On this post I'd like to talk about the changes Filliae has undergone and will keep undergoing. I speak of how I work, how I buy mainly. Being aware and conscious of how I buy is a natural progress since that is how I live. I sold my car, I make do and mend, I recycle and compost, I buy vintage and antique, I purchase locally a lot and most of all I am very conscious of everything I buy. That is the key really. My goal is to always be as ecofriendly as possible so I keep trying to find new ways to be. I try and work as hard as I can at restoring vintage fashions and also creating garments that are made mainly with reused/recycled/vintage/antique fabrics and notions. That alone is a feat in itself but it does get the creative juices flowing!

When it comes to shipping, I almost always use recycled or reused packaging. 

I encourage you all to do the same and applaud you if you do, I also welcome new ideas :)


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