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sustain your purchases

no fast fashion, slow fashion, sustainable fashion -

sustain your purchases


Please, please be conscious of all you purchase. Do buy quality over quantity, buy local, buy from small businesses, buy second hand or vintage. Don't buy a trend, a fad, fast fashion, unethically made, cheap. Do ask yourself:

What else will I wear this with?

How often will I wear it?

Is this going to last me for years or a season?

Was it made ethically?

How fabulous do I feel in this?

Am I buying a cheap price tag or investing in a solid piece?

Is it a trend (gross) or a timeless piece?

If it isn't vintage or second hand, is it of durable quality?

If we make it a habit to question what we buy, it'll get easier and will become second nature to buy smarter. I am not opposed to big sales, we all have to make a living, however if we opt for the artisan, the local small shops, the designer and put some actual thought into it, we can absolutely make a difference. And ta-ta to the big box stores.



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