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Round two!

Round two!

If I may, my life does not allow for oppression so if it seems like I am boasting, I am. I love what I do and am absolutely passionate about it. I love my art to the core of my being. It took a while mind you, I did not get into it right out of school. As life happens and all its insecurities. However, when I did start up again a few years ago, it was with my full intention. Therefore, whenever I work on anything I do it wholeheartedly. I mean, music on, humming (maybe dancing but you can't prove it) and I go for hours without notice of time. I need to create, to mend old things, to make things beautiful. To me, everything and everyone has beauty, I am just there to uncover it. My eyes, my hands, they are my tools and I must use them continually. It appears as though, when one utilises their gifts, other people take note and love it too. Go figure.

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