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What inspires me? Everything.

It isn't one thing, it's all things, and it's always different. At times it's music, something I hear or what's playing in my head. There is sometimes a fabric that will spark an idea or start a flow of designs. Maybe just a print or a color, the coat on an animal or being surrounded by nature will light up some magic. At times just a state of mind, an inner calm will stir up imagination. Reading a good book often helps visualise ideas, even a person, either something in their personality or a physical trait may inspire to create. It may be the artist in me but I see beauty and ideas everywhere, in other artists' work as well. I sometimes keep pen and paper by my bed, should the urge to jot down something strike me in the middle of the night. I've even had great ideas while singing in the shower!

The blank page syndrome does happen from time to time, to everyone, we're not art creating machines that spew out work at a moment's notice.. But, I think one needs to  believe the inspiration is there, everywhere.

This work in progress pictured here for example, was an old lot of vintage fabric rolled up haphazardly and when I picked it up it sort of made a strange rose-like shape and off I went!

Go on, make something!



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