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  Please, please be conscious of all you purchase. Do buy quality over quantity, buy local, buy from small businesses, buy second hand or vintage. Don't buy a trend, a fad, fast fashion, unethically made, cheap. Do ask yourself: What else will I wear this with? How often will I wear it? Is this going to last me for years or a season? Was it made ethically? How fabulous do I feel in this? Am I buying a cheap price tag or investing in a solid piece? Is it a trend (gross) or a timeless piece? If it isn't vintage...

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On this post I'd like to talk about the changes Filliae has undergone and will keep undergoing. I speak of how I work, how I buy mainly. Being aware and conscious of how I buy is a natural progress since that is how I live. I sold my car, I make do and mend, I recycle and compost, I buy vintage and antique, I purchase locally a lot and most of all I am very conscious of everything I buy. That is the key really. My goal is to always be as ecofriendly as possible so I keep trying to...

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Hello! I have been very busy and there are many things in the works. One of them is a collaboration with a lovely woman. I had some ideas for her and she was open to the result being a surprise. Because she was open minded I ended up having such a good time creating something that fit her superbly.  People are my primary source of inspiration and this was no exception. She being a marine biologist by day and vintage fashionista by night, I took my cue from her. Having had such fun at this project, I've decided to take...

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What sparks my imagination...

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My art. My passion.

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